Bonding Out

How to Pay Bond

The Valencia County Detention Center only accepts money orders for bonding of inmates.

Being that we have to submit the bond payments to the Court, exact dollar amount must be listed on the money orders, to confirm the accurate bond amount is given please contact our Records Department at 505-565-8900, ext. 1.

Anyone being held on Magistrate case is permitted to post a Court Security bond, this generally requires 10% of the bond paid to the Court rather than going through a bonding company. However, we still encourage you call our Records Department prior to arranging such payment to ensure all accurate and up to date information is given.

If the detainee has posted bond and is required to have an ankle bracelet installed, RMOMS Ankle Bracelets will be installed Monday through Friday. sometime after 5 p.m. Once the bracelet is installed an estimated time on how long it may take for the detainee to be released is approximately 30-45 mins. You may call our Records Department to see if RMOMS has come in to install the bracelet.