Money on Detainees books

How to add money to a Detainee account

Valencia County Detention Center provides several ways for family/friends to make funds available to detainee. Detainees can use those funds to make phone calls, order hygiene products or snacks.  
Funds can also be deposited online at This website allows you to add money or place an order for a detainee. Orders must be placed no later than Tuesday at midnight for the detainee to receive his/her commissary on the day of delivery.

You may also add money via telephone by calling TechFriends at 1-870-627-5476. 

How to set up your phone to accept detainee phone calls

You can set up your phone to accept detainee phone calls by simply calling Securus at 1-800-844-6591 or You may also add phone time to your line so the detainee has phone time when they call your phone or they can use the money they have on their books.