Detainee Information

General Information

Valencia County is committed to the safe and humane treatment of our residents and we endeavor to provide a secure working environment for its employees, with an emphasis on public safety. The Valencia County Detention Center strives to operate an efficient facility, with fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers of the County.

The following information is provided to the public to aide in answering basic questions regarding those incarcerated at the facility. Information provided herein does not, in any way, reflect all policies and procedures with respect to its operation.

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Detainee Related Inquiries

Staff of the Valencia County Adult Detention Center are only permitted to give detainees family, friends, or general public the following information regarding detainee incarcerated at this Detention Facility:
  • Bond amounts associated with those charges
  • Criminal charges detainee are currently being detained for and
Any additional information specific to a detainee housing, their classification, mental health, or medical status is not a matter of public record and will not be disclosed to the public, no exceptions.

Notice of Trespass

In accordance with New Mexico State Statute 30-14-1.1 “Any person who enters and remains on the lands of another after having been requested to leave is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Abusive language intended to provoke a conflict with other visitors or members of Valencia County Detention Center staff will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior will result in immediate denial of entry, visitation, and the visitor will be directed to leave the premises. Additionally, they will receive “Notice of Trespass” and will no longer be permitted to enter onto facility grounds without the direct authorization of the Warden.