What is SAP and FAP?

Special Assistance Program (SAP) The SAP provides free additional services to our senior citizen, handicapped, and/or special needs customers. Financial Assistance Program (FAP) The FAP provides discounts to qualifying homeowners in accordance with the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

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1. How do I sign up for Service?
2. What if I want opt out of service and dispose of my own trash?
3. How do I contact Universal Waste Systems?
4. How can I pay my bill?
5. What is my pick up day?
6. What time is my trash pick up?
7. What if I miss my pick up?
8. What Holidays does Universal Waste Systems observe?
9. What can I put in my trash cart?
10. What is SAP and FAP?
11. How do I get a Senior Discount, Special Assistance (SAP) or Financial Assistance (FAP) Form?
12. Is Recycling available?
13. What will I be able to recycle?
14. How do I order another cart?
15. What do I do if UWS refuses to service due to road conditions?
16. Where is the Conejo Collection Center?
17. Contact Form for Additional Questions or Issues