Where can I obtain a copy of my property?

Survey plats of subdivisions and individual land splits can be obtained in the County Clerks Office. A complete legal description is required in order to provide a copy. If you request a copy through the mail, a check with the correct fee is required. Keep in mind not all properties have a recorded plat. Until recently, it was not a requirement to have your property surveyed or recorded so some properties are not available.

LEGAL ADVICE: Our office cannot give legal advice on whether or not the documents being recorded are correct, complete or legally sufficient. Please contact an attorney for legal verification.

DOCUMENT LEGIBILITY: Please remember that the documents that are being recorded are permanent records, and must be legible and reproducible after it has been scanned and filmed.

FORMS: Our office does not provide forms, you may purchase them at any office supply store, or download forms from various websites via the internet.

Filing Fees

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4. Where can I obtain a copy of my property?
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