Reception Assessment Center (RAC)

What is the Reception Assessment Center (RAC)?

RAC is a detention diversion program that provides an alternative to incarceration for law enforcement and school officials who detain youth who have committed low level or non detainable offenses. By interrupting their involvement into the juvenile justice system, this approach sets a positive trajectory for the youth and their families. The goal is to intervene swiftly and connect youth and their family to community resources to prevent further involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Values and Principles

The H2 Academic Solutions RAC program is operated with the belief that youth who are just beginning their involvement with the juvenile justice system need a very specific intervention. This intervention is built on the following ideas:

  • Adolescents are continuing to develop their thought systems and character
  • Negative patterns of behavior and choices can be changed
  • All youth have strengths and something to offer to the community
  • Positive change is best facilitated by building on those strengths

How Does RAC Work?

  • Law enforcement officers detain a youth for low level offenses; fighting, shoplifting, intoxication, destruction of property, etc.
  • Instead of taking the youth to detention, the officers brings the youth to one of our RAC sites
  • RAC staff work with the youth to complete a functional assessment which covers the following:
    • Current status in school
    • Functional level at home
    • Peer influences
    • Self harm potential
    • Substance use
  • Based on the results of this assessment, youth are offered services to help meet any identified needs
  • RAC staff follow youth over the next 45-60 days to assure services are being accessed

How Do I Access RAC?

We have RAC staff in the following locations:

Los Lunas 

  • Los Lunas High School (505) 589-1224
  • School of Dreams Academy (505) 589-0486


  • Infinity High School (505) 589-1252
  • 506 Becker St (505) 589-2680

RAC Directors

Holly Chavez

Noelle Chavez

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