Candidate Services


Filing for Candidacy

When someone decides to run for office the first place that he or she needs to visit is the Bureau of Elections at least 6 months before the election. There, one can get all the necessary information to become a candidate as well as make any changes or corrections to their voter registration.

The County Clerk is the filing officer for all County Offices, State Representative, State Senator, Magistrate Judge, and School Board. Candidates for municipal office file in accordance with the Local Election Act. (see below for information on the 2019 local election schedule) There is a filing fee of $50 when declaring a candidacy for a county office. Magistrate and state offices require nominating petitions.

The County Clerk’s office can provide blank petitions and the number of qualifying signatures required beginning in October of the odd year preceding the Primary Election. These forms are also available online at the Secretary of States website. Representative or Senate districts that include more than one county, will file in the county in which they are registered. Candidates are also required to file various campaign reports. This is done online at the Secretary of State’s Website.

Please Note

Each municipality, as well as Valencia County, have ordinances in place in regards to campaign signs. 

Filing Day

Please have all forms filled out in advance.  Candidates should have a bank account for use on their Campaign Committee Registration Form.  Declaration of Candidacy must be filled out exactly as stated on voter registration (1-8-18 NMSA, 1978).  Our office will also have Candidate Guides available on filing day with election related information.  Notary services will be available in our office.

Additional Services

 These are additional services provided to candidates: 

  • Voter history  
  • Voter labels (limited)
  • Voter lists 

Voter Data

Fees for voter data is based on $ per 1,000 records, depending on requested format and includes a $15.00 setup fee for each list. All requests for voter data must be made on an Affidavit of Authorization form. This may be done in person at the Bureau of Elections or by written request. The Affidavit of Authorization must be submitted prior to processing.

The data can be printed in alphabetical, precinct, or street order. The data can be broken down by party, precinct, congressional, legislative, commission, school, or municipal districts. Electronic data is provided in Excel form or on a CD. All data contains voter name, address, alternate address, party affiliation, and precinct data. Personal data such as birth dates, social security numbers and email addresses are not included in the data set. Once requests are fulfilled, payment is due before release of information.

Voter List Requests