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About the Center

The Bosque Farms Community Center was built in 1991 to support the whole Village and was remodeled in 2012. It is available for use by the Community for meetings and other social events for a nominal fee.

The center also has an activity schedule of special events with an emphasis on events for Seniors.

Please take a moment to look over the calendar and upcoming events at the Community Center. Activities change month to month. Evening bands and dance classes are for all ages!

It is true that the Community Center is a senior meal site for the Older American Program, but if you haven't reached that magic number of 60+ to qualify for the lunch program, you may still enjoy many of the other activities.

Letter From the Director


Only some final touches and the kitchen will be ready to occupy!  In the mean time, we are still serving the 'drive thru' meals at the First Baptist Church of Bosque Farms.  Updates will be sent out when we plan to return to the center and when we are able to resume congregate meals and activities.  I imagine that you are as ready as I am for that momentous occasion! 

Attached is the Valencia County Older American Program menu.  Please let your family, friends and neighbors know about this program.  Meals, more specifically, weekday lunches, are provided for seniors 60+ and their spouses or handicapped children/grandchildren residing with them.  Home delivered meals are also available to eligible seniors who are home bound.

I hope you all are happy and healthy! You've probably heard enough of the healthy part...washing hands 20 seconds, social distancing etc.  Don't forget the happy part!  Remember to count your blessings and enjoy life's little pleasures, such as sitting under a tree and listening to the rustle of leaves in the breeze, while sipping a nice, tall glass of homemade lemonade; watching the sunrise, sunset or clouds passing by; or gazing at the starry night, watching for falling stars.  Also, as much as we can hate technology at times, now is the time to be especially grateful for it and use it to stay in contact with those we care about.

A few of my favorite little blessings include watching our resident turtle return each year.  It was only about 2 adorable inches long the first year I spotted it!  Now, it's about 5 inches.  Also, a particular pleasure that I have is passing the time in the evening with my husband on the patio, playing whatever music suits us at the time and watching the toads hopping around our feet :)  Yes, I love my toads!!!  

Peace and joy to you and yours!

Rose Poitras, Director
Bosque Farms Community Center
(505) 869-5133