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About the Center

The Bosque Farms Community Center was built in 1991 to support the whole Village and was remodeled in 2012. It is available for use by the Community for meetings and other social events for a nominal fee.

The center also has an activity schedule of special events with an emphasis on events for Seniors.

Please take a moment to look over the calendar and upcoming events at the Community Center. Activities change month to month. Evening bands and dance classes are for all ages!

It is true that the Community Center is a senior meal site for the Older American Program, but if you haven't reached that magic number of 60+ to qualify for the lunch program, you may still enjoy many of the other activities.

Letter From the Director

Get ready for the holidays!!!
We only have a couple of days left this month and it'll be time to do fall cleaning ...
and decorating and prepping and shopping for the holidays! 
With that said, we'll be taking down the monsters and decorating for autumn on November 1st.  If that is your forte, by all means you are welcome to help! 
Since we'll be setting up for the Christmas Arts and Crafts fair on the third Friday, November 16th, the painting group will be meeting on the first two Fridays, instead of the first and third.  This also means that Plumb Adequate will only be playing once this month, on the first Friday, which is this Friday, November 2nd.  
Please bring your friends to shop early for Christmas on the 17th (9-3) and 18th (10-3) and see what's new this year!  Girl Scout Troop 10284 will be selling coffee and donuts again, first thing Saturdaymorning.  There will be free drawings throughout the weekend.  You have to be present to win, so stop by early to see when they will be.  
Higher Ground Bluegrass Band will be playing on November 10th!  If you haven't been out to see them yet, and bluegrass is your thing, they are fantastic!  Since they only are able to come once or twice a year, if we're lucky, please mark your calendar now!
Entertainment can be so expensive, and in Valencia County, it can also be hard to find.  For Higher Ground Bluegrass, The Fiddlers and Musicians Jam Sessions and Plumb Adequate there is a $3 suggested donation at the door.  That's an old fashioned price, for old fashioned fun!  Beverages are provided.  Those attending often bring snacks and finger foods to share.  As always, there's room for dancing!
There are two holidays that we'll be closed: the 12th, to honor our Veteran's and the 22nd-23rd for Thanksgiving.  If you think about it, to an extent, these seem to go hand in hand.  We have so much to be thankful for because of the men and women, past and present, willing to fight to protect our freedoms.  If you are a veteran or a family member, I would like to thank you for your service and/or sacrifice.  We often take our freedom for granted.  It isn't free. 
I'll speak for myself, but maybe you can relate.  With so much to be thankful for, sometimes I can't see beyond the end of my nose to see the big picture, letting difficult circumstances or just busyness (There it is again!!!) blind me to the good and the beauty around me.  A friendly smile, a helping hand, clouds drifting by, the twinkle of a night sky, the glorious colors of a sunrise or sunset, a rainbow, a lightning show, ripples in the water after tossing in a pebble, I could go on and on ( you KNOW it! ;), these are some of the things that often can be easily missed.  Yet...all too often, that's just what I do. (Remember the commercial? I could have had a V-8!)  For the delight that I can take in these simple God-given pleasures of life, I am truly thankful!  When being able to share them with a friend, even more so!  
Ponder your blessings and give thanks! 
Hope to see you soon!

Rose Poitras, Director
Bosque Farms Community Center
(505) 869-5133