Planning & Zoning

Valencia County Community Development COVID-19 Memo


  • To encourage life long education for all members of the community
  • To foster a healthier community through the provision of recreational opportunities for all citizens
  • To foster a win/win approach to leadership so that the community as a whole gains over the long term
  • To foster and support a healthy economic base
  • To foster teamwork, cooperation and partnership among the community’s private and public entities and its citizens
  • To identify and protect Valencia County’s past and present assets as a basis upon which to build the future
  • To proactively foster a county that is safe and affordable through the efficient and effective provision of public and private services
  • To protect and enhance the natural environment in and around Valencia County
  • To provide leadership for recognizing and responding to strategic opportunities
  • To support and encourage inclusiveness within the changing population of Valencia County in regard to age and cultural and ethnic background for the betterment of the community

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assist the Board of Commissioners with issues related to Planning
  • Assist the Planning and Zoning Commission with issues related to Land Use Planning
  • Develop and update the Comprehensive Plan
  • Gather and interpret land use data
  • Review and approve Business licenses and Mobile home permits
  • Update ordinances related to land use planning including Zoning and subdivision ordinances. Review land use proposals and make recommendations