Voter Registration

Voter Qualifications

Anyone meeting the qualifications may register to vote at the County Clerk's Office Bureau of Elections, at the Motor Vehicle Department, at any state agency providing public assistance or assistance to the disabled, at state offices serving veterans, and at many public libraries, colleges, and universities. Contact the County Clerk or the Secretary of State and request an application for voter registration. Voter registration must be complete 28 days prior to the election that it applies.

How to Register

  • Pursuant to the Help America Vote Act, if the voter registration application is submitted by mail and it is the first time you have registered in this county or the state of New Mexico, you must submit a copy of a current valid photo ID or a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck or other government document that shows your name and address in this county. Submitting this identification information will allow you to avoid being required to show personal identification at the polling place on Election Day.
  • You can call, email or send a letter to the County Clerk for the application form.
    • Call (505)866-2080 and request that a voter registration application be mailed to your residence.
    • Send a letter to:
      Valencia County Clerk's Office
      Bureau of Elections
      P.O. Box 969
      Los Lunas, NM 87031
  • You may register at any organized voter registration drive or with any Third Party Voter Registrant Agent.
  • You may register to vote when applying for a new or renewed driver’s license, when applying for certain public assistance or services, at public libraries, colleges and universities.
  • You may register to vote ONLINE at the Secretary of States website at;